Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Hate Needles.

Spent the day with Chrissy yesterday. We went to the beach and ate up lots of sun. The water was freezing, but we braved it anyway. The gigantic waves were a little intimidating, so we walked down the beach a bit until we found a spot where they were breaking a bit less harshly. At one point I got knocked a bit forward by a wave, and realized it took my bathing suit bottoms down with it! I bent down into the water to pull them back up just as another wave came and crashed on me. I ate it pretty hard. scratches on my bum and all. Eh, could've been worse. Could've been eaten by a shark.

We went to an adorable little Italian place in Park Slope for dinner where I took advantage of my urge to feel fancy and got a glass of wine. The food there was unbelievable. I'd definitely go back a billion times.

The apartment lead went nowhere. The guy never got back to me, yet had time to write in his own blog about how he cleaned, watched TV, and hung out with friends all day. Awesome. I was really disappointed because I just want to be down in the city. To have so much right at my fingertips. I didn't even care what the apartment was like, I would have written him a check right there. Oh well.

Doctor today, too. Just a check up. Physical. I love how she reassured me the nurse was really really good at taking blood, before I was poked and prodded and then told I have very small veins. No shit. Thanks for the bruises.

Parent's leave tomorrow for Florida.
Cannot. Wait.

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