Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Catching Up

I went camping back in June at Peekamoose (yeah, that's really the name) with Brooke, Jesse, Jerry, and Megan. Brooke and I didn't get up there until around midnight and had to set up the tent in the dark. Okay, so the guys set up the tent. For the most part. It was gorgeous out and I was jealous that I didn't have such an amazing view of the stars every night. We went to a water hole nearby and contemplated jumping in. It was absolutely freezing, but Brooke jumped in anyway and almost put her body into shock. Fun times all around. I would love to go back again very soon. It was so peaceful out there.

So, now that I'm more settled in my place in Brooklyn, I don't mind taking pictures of it. The curtains really made a huge difference, with the preventing heat stroke and blindness and all. Facilitating sleep, and things of that nature. It's big. huge ceilings. Nice location. Generally pleased. I could do without the street noise. I wish I had more of a chance to decorate and make it feel more like home, but I'm leaving in another three weeks so that doesn't make too much sense.

Lastly, the Fourth! I baby sat for little Phil again. During the family's giant block party. The extent of entertainment really blows me away every time. An entertainer playing guitar and singing, complete with tons of costumes and games for the kids and free junk. A balloon animal guy, a face painter, and a characature artist. Oh right, did I mention the giant blow up bouncy castle and the huge blow up water slide? Yeah. Dinner was filet mignon and grilled lobster tails. The night ended with a fireworks display pretty comparable to a town or city's. I get paid for this?

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