Friday, June 19, 2009

New Launch!

It's always exciting when a fragrance I worked on finally launches. The first one finally did last month- Marc Jacobs Lola.

I don't really have a hand in what the final advertising or packaging looks like. My role is mostly to creatively and visually help my company "win" or sell the fragrance to the client (Marc Jacobs in that case).

Last night was the PR launch event for Faith Hill's new fragrance, and I was so happy to see so much of my work there! I'm glad there are pictures so I can better describe what the heck it is that I do.

At the launch, they try to convey the scent of the fragrance visually. Here they've displayed the actual raw ingredients that are in the fragrance (orange blossom, peony, etc). Those framed images? Me. I found 'em. A big part of my job is image-searching for the right gorgeous portrayal of an ingredient. Sounds like a yawner. I do more too.

We bottled each of the accords that make up the fragrance, so they can be smelled seperately. See those tags? Yeahp, that's something I do. See that board that visually displays the ingredients in the fragrance. That's me.

Again, this isn't the final packaging, just something used by the client for PR and whatnot.

I know this isn't the most interesting of things to show, but use your imagination. I create posters, books, tags, bottle labels, actual box kits to show.
I can't post anything until the fragrance actually launches because it's all confidential and whatnot. So hopefully as more things I've worked on being to launch, I can show some flashier stuff.

Oh and the company I work for is Givaudan, if you give a care.

In the mean time, go pick up that Marc Jacobs Lola. The bottle's rad and it smells delicious.

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