Thursday, October 1, 2009

Say hello to The Hello Project

Say hello to The Hello Project: "

The Hello ProjectThe Hello ProjectThe Hello Project

The Hello Project is an online social collaboration giving people the chance to say hi, hello, or hola on one of today’s most common yet neglected canvases: the Post-it®.

How it works is simple. Take a regular 3×3 Post-it® and write/sketch/doodle your version of hello. Scan it, email it to hi [at], and they’ll post it for everyone to see.

THP is a relatively new site run by friends of The Donut and doodle extraordinaires Kristen Caston & Joseph Delhommer. Go check out the creative solutions so far and contribute – it only takes a second. It’s a great creative exercise to break the monotony of your everyday design stuff. I have a few submissions on there myself :).

Check out the site:

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see submissions when they are added.


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