Thursday, October 8, 2009


Give up now fellas, I discovered my soulmate last night.
I didn't think they existed, really. I've always been part of the "There are many people out there that can contribute to your life and who you can share love with" party. But no more, no sir.

So I get home from work last night, and as my ravioli's cooking on the stove, I crack open a beer from the hodgepodge variety leftover from Megan, Jerry, and I. It's a damn good beer. When I'm done with my ravioli and beer I go to deliver the empty bottle to its new home in the recycling bin. But something on the label catches my eye. It's a small banner with type on it.

YES. That's right.
Not only does this beer label say "Love Beer" AND "Love life", BUT it was also established in 1986, which also happens to be the year I was established.

Sometimes, certain things just feel so right, and this is no exception.

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