Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please

Subway Station
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My biggest pet-peeve about the city is when I'm getting off the subway at my stop after a long day of work. Finally I'm just a short walk from my couch. The subway doors open, and instead of walking out onto the platform to my freedom, I'm met with some self-important in-a-rush person who truly thinks that pushing their way onto the subway car before anyone departs will truly get him to his destination more efficiently.

Dear person, YOU SUCK.

You are the number one reason New York gets on my nerves. When I'm on a platform waiting for a subway and a train pulls up, I stand aside and let the people out, and THEN I walk on.


Speaking of rude, my next post will be about my wall-pounding neighbor who needs anger management classes.

Everyone in New York City needs to take a deep breath and chill.
Put on some Bob Marley.
Go to your happy place.

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