Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mooore Catching Up

Last weekend my brother came down and we went to my cousin's 2nd birthday in Long Island, hit the beach, went to the MoMA, ate sushi, and walked around Central Park. All in a couple days. Funnnn times. It was good spending time with him, as we often kind of forget how much fun we have together.

We went to Jones Beach, of course. We knew the weather was going to be shitty, but we drove the hour out there anyway. It ended up being really gorgeous to be there. The sun wasn't out at all, but it was really warm and the cloudiness was actually really pretty paired with the emptiness of the beach.

Yes, this empty. My brother pointed out how gross it was that there were so many garbage cans. And you don't realize it until there are zero people on the beach.

On Monday we went to the MoMA, where I got to utilize my education proudly by pretty much boasting the little knowledge I had about some of the pieces (Did you know that most people believe Jasper Johns was secretly Robert Rauschenberg's lover?). And I got to point out the cigarette butts in Pollock's stuff. I don't know. I think he humored me and acted impressed. He acted well.

Afterward, the Boy pointed us toward a sushi place, which turned out to be amazing. I will definitely be returning. We walked around Central Park a bit and called it a day.

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