Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Went to the piers last week with my step-sister and some of her friends to watch La Bamba on the piers, but it got cancelled because it might rain. We went down anyway and had a picnic. As it turns out, it did rain, but it looked gorgeous right beforehand.

Over the weekend I went with my brother to my dad's house in Connecticut. It was loads and loads of fun. Duh. Crabbing, kayaking, fireworks, crab cakes, beaches.

Right, so fireworks. Apparently Foxwoods puts on this amazing display every year. I believe it clocks in as the second largest fireworks display in the country. I wonder who clocks in as number one. Macy's? It was awesome. Never seen anything like it.

Cruise this Thursday! 5 days, up in Canada.. Saint John I believe. Good times. I'm excited!

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