Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Seems like my life is completely shifting and I'm so incredibly excited, but it's freaking me the hell out at the same time.
I finally got out of bum mode. I threw a portfolio together, hunted online for jobs, and sent my resume to probably 60 design firms in the city. After only three interviews, I landed what I hope will be an amazing job. I start in six days.

Recently, life has been speckled with living out of my car, staying home, staying at my aunts, searching for apartments online, baby sitting, monitering my bank and credit card accounts closely, and learning what "business casual" means.

I learned that a "friend of a friend" can still be a complete stranger, a douchebag, and not someone to trust.

Right, so this job I got- I help out a marketing team with creative visual presentations for pitching fragrances (my company's a fragrance manufacturer) to other large companies like DKNY, Lancome, Liz Claiborne, Baby Phat, Ralph Lauren, you name it. Should be fun. Fast-paced and lots of pressure, but fun. That's how I work best anyway, as long as I don't let it get me too stressed.

Hoping to be settled in an apartment with the boyfriend within the next 6 days so I can focus on my new job, but that's not looking so feasible, though I will try my best. We've narrowed ourselves down to Greenpoint, Astoria, and Long Island City.

And right now, I have to go wake up the adorable runt of a three-year old that I'm baby sitting so that we can go apple picking and drink apple cider and eat cider donuts because he's the best kid ever and this is my favorite time of year and this is a run-on sentence.

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