Monday, August 24, 2009

Missed Connection.

Dear handsome man on the subway,

I was walking behind you on 5th Ave today on my way to work. You were wearing a typical get up for working in a midtown office, although, like me, it looked like you're not the kind of person who presses their expensive suits and wears cuff links. Instead, you probably threw on your blue button up shirt and rolled up the sleeves before pulling on your pants and stumbling out the door.

We were both listening to our ipods. I was being serenaded by the Get Up Kids and I imagine you were listening to something like The Smiths or maybe Tom Waits.

We both turned down 56th Street, and I thought it was cute that we probably worked on the same block. But two minutes later, my heart seriously fluttered when you pushed through the same revolving door two steps in front of me.

In fact, we even shared an elevator.

So, dark haired dreamboat on the 23rd floor, come find me on 17 and let's do this right.

Your charming and harmless stalker,



  1. So????????????? What happened??? Please don't leave me hanging... did he find you on 17?

  2. Well, I'm assuming he doesn't frequent my blog, so no, he has not come and found me yet. I'm still waiting to run into him in the elevator again. I'll probably clam up and think of all the things I WANT to say, but really just not have the balls to open my mouth.


    Maybe someday.