Monday, August 31, 2009

West Coast, Baby- Venice Beach

Got back from California yesterday!! It was amazing.
I have tons of pictures, so I'll post by neighborhood.

We started at Venice Beach for two nights and walked up the beach to Santa Monica at some point.

This was a sweet RV parked near our hotel that looked like something out of a dark and twisted Dr. Seuss book. Venice Beach felt like a more authentic Woodstock or East Village, with tons of dirty artists and crazy characters. The boardwalk was fun, I just wish so many people didn't try to sell us "legal" marijuana.

We were in awe at the size of these teeny tiny palm trees. Almost as short as me! Almost.

Venice had some beauuuuuutiful sunsets.

These totes reminded me of an apocalypse/zombie movie.

The reflection of the sunset in this building was unreal!

Santa Monica pier!

Oh, right. And if we didn't already think California was the coolest thing, the next day at the beach we looked up and saw dolphins swimming by. About six of them.

And this is Melvin, our bad-ass pigeon friend who lived right outside our hotel window.