Monday, August 31, 2009

West Coast, Baby- Hollywood

We ventured up to Hollywood on Day Two and walked the entire Walk of Fame. We really wanted to go see the wax museum but got annoyed when we found out it was $16 per person.

My two favorite stars were Journey and Vince McMahon (just inducted last month!!)
I snapped a shot of the Dr. Seuss star for mom.
OH. And we didn't get to see Michael Jackson's. That section of the sidewalk was covered up with a red carpet for some movie premiere event that we didn't care enough about to stick around for.

On the way there we passed these ridiculous trees that looked like giant gumdrops.

We could see the Hollywood sign from the corner of Gower and Hollywood Blvd.


After walking BOTH SIDES of the 18 block stretch, we were sweating super hard and felt like we were going to pass out, so we ducked into a pub called Pig & Whistle right on Hollywood Blvd. While in there, we were researching (a la BlackBerry) how to get up to the Hollywood sign. The bartender told us that there's really no way to get all the way up to it, but she told us a road that got pretty close, so up we drove! There was a little trail we could climb once we got up there that put us on top of this small hill. The view of LA from up there was gorgeousssss and we were kinda close to the sign!

On the way back, Jess tried to sneakily grab shots of me peeing next to the car.

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