Monday, August 31, 2009

West Coast, Baby- Hermosa Beach

On Day three we ventured down to Hermosa Beach to meet a friend for brunch. We ate at a place called Good Stuff right on the beach and I had some slammin' eggs. We knew as soon as we got there that we didn't want to leave. For one, there was a little hub in town. You could walk everywhere (unlike the rest of the LA area!!). There was a fun little block right by the pier that clearly would be open and thriving well into the night. We called up our hotel, cancelled the next three nights, and stayed in Hermosa for the rest of our trip.

I attempted painting my nails right on the beach and had to walk on my heels while they dried!!

We met this little rip while eating dinner one night. His family sat next to us and he was wearing a full Batman costume. We had so much fun with him throughout the entire meal that we exchanged numbers with his parents and met up with them another two times while we were there! We wrestled in the sand and spent time down in the ocean.
Weird that the coolest guy we met while on vacation was 5 years old.

The camera was drunk in this picture, not us.

So all in all it was an amaaaazing trip. We definitely pooped out and didn't see nearly half of the things we wanted to because we got distracted by sprawling beaches and surfer boys at Hermosa, but we just figure that means we have to go back at some point.

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